Lab Testing

WHO has outlined critical priority actions for preparedness, readiness, and response actions for COVID-19 and has defined four transmission scenarios:

  1. Countries with no cases (No Cases);
  2. Countries with 1 or more cases, imported or locally detected (Sporadic Cases);
  3. Countries experiencing clusters of cases related in time, geographic location, or common exposure (Clusters of cases);
  4. Countries experiencing larger outbreaks or sustained and pervasive local transmission (Community transmission).

This category of content concerns guidance to policy makers and laboratories on testing strategies for each of these four scenarios, including the scenario in which testing can be performed only on a limited number of patients. Further information around Lab Testing strategies can be found here.

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Interim Guidelines for COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Job Aid  from Centers for Disease Control (CDC) US

Recommendations on the use of serologic tests to determine protective immunity and infectiousness among persons recently infected with SAR-CoV-2.

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