Content for this category should support the objectives of global surveillance which are:

  1. Monitor trends in COVID-19 disease at national and global levels.
  2. Rapidly detect new cases in countries where the virus is not circulating, and monitor cases in countries where the virus has started to circulate.
  3. Provide epidemiological information to conduct risk assessments at the national, regional and global level.
  4. Provide epidemiological information to guide preparedness and response measures.

Further information is provided in the WHO publication: Global surveillance for COVID-19 caused by human infection with COVID-19 virus

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COVID-19 Resources from Ariadne Labs and

Other training resource  from Ariadne Labs,  from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Drawing on lessons learned from colleagues facing this crisis worldwide, experts from Ariadne Labs have developed guidelines to inform best practices in COVID-19 response protocols across clinical areas. These guidelines are based on expert opinion and the latest available evidence. ...

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